• What’s Edge Computing Technology?

    Edge computing refers to a technology that processes the data in real time with small distributed servers and it is different from cloud computing where the central server processes all the data. Not like other intelligent CCTV systems, NAVIBOX mounts a small computer on each CCTV camera and it uses AI algorithm to learn and analyze the video filmed by the camera in real time.

  • Are any fine or penalty charged for speeding or jaywalking?

    No, fine or penalty isn’t charged. This project is designed for measuring the safety accident prevention effects rather than traffic regulation. Still, you shall not ignore the warning to speed or jaywalk.

  • How is AI system different from other CCTV systems?

    NAVIBOX uses our original AI algorithm and video analysis technologies to predict and inform the possible accident risks in advance based on the filmed videos. So, NAVIVOX is the new social safety device that cannot be found in other intelligent CCTV cameras. We believe that such safety devices are necessary in order to open up the era of automatic driving.

  • What measures do you take to protect personal information?

    According to Personal Information Protection Act, information such as face and car number which may specify certain individual is blurred in an unidentifiable way. According to Article 41 (Storage and Destruction) (Ministry of the Interior and Safety Notification No. 2017-1) of Standard Privacy Policy[Enforced on July26,2017],thefilmedvideoispermanentlydeletedanddestructedwithin30days.